Run command line python of package installed with pip

It’s easy to install any package in python using pip and use it from within python by simply using import package. Challenge is when you want to use the python package from the command line. To do this, use pipx

$ python -m pip install --user prefix
$ python -m pipx ensurepath

Restart the kernel and now install your library

$ pipx install NeutronImaging
⚠️  Note: was already on your PATH at
⚠️  Note: was already on your PATH at //miniconda3/
  installed package neutronimaging 1.2, Python 3.7.9
  These apps are now globally available
done! ✨ 🌟 ✨

Now, it’s easy to use the two scripts and

$ --help
MCP Detector Correction.
    mcp_detector_correction [--skipimg] [--verbose] <input_dir> <output_dir>
    mcp_detector_correction (-h | --help)
    mcp_detector_correction --version

    --skipimg    skip first and last image
    -h --help    print this message
    --version    print version info
    --verbose    verbose output