Python Virtual Environment

I have been using conda virtual environment for a while and always heard about python virtual environment without giving it a try. But I found out recently that this could be a very easy way to setup an environment automatically with a library when releasing it. Here is an introduction on how that guy works.

To create a new environment, go inside your library and do

$ python -m venv py36_environment

where py36_environment is the name of my new environment.

This will create a folder named py36_environment inside our project with the following structure.

Here is what each folder contains:

  • bin: files that interact with the virtual environment
  • include: C headers that compile the python packages
  • lib: a copy of the python version along with a site-packages folder where each dependency is installed

To switch to that environment

$ source py36_environment/bin/activate

the prompt is now prefixed with the name of our new environment.

and to deactivate this one

$ deactivate


pyvenv does not allow to install different versions of python. To do so, use conda environment.